Bring Your Portable Cottage to River’s End Campground

Campground near Savannah, Tybee CampingWe mean your recreational vehicle (RV), of course. River’s End RV Park and Campground near beautiful Savannah on Tybee Island in Georgia, is a perfect spot to enjoy your RV adventures.
One of the benefits of traveling this way, according to RV owners, is the cost. Your motel on wheel can be an inexpensive way to see America. It’s convenient too, because you do not have to unpack and pack your bags after every stop. Estimates suggest it can be up to 78% cheaper to vacation with an RV even after factoring in rental or ownership costs.

Renting an RV or Trailer for Camping
A good way to test the waters to see if this is the lifestyle for you is to rent a trailer or small motorhome for a week or so. For a motorhome, rental costs start at about $600 per week and even less for a small pop-up trailer.

Even with a rental, make sure you consider storage and ensure that there is enough room for everyone to sleep. Kids might like bunk beds but adults will find them cramped. If you get an RV with just one adult bed that converts from the dining set, make sure you’re comfortable with setting up and tearing down a bed each night.

Staying in an RV park with full amenities like River’s End Campground only costs around $40 or so per night. Add in the priceless experience for seeing the country and the value of the RV lifestyle even far exceeds the costs.

About River’s End Campground
Enjoy Savannah and Tybee Island from the central location of River’s End Campground and RV Park. Enjoy all of the amenities of River’s End while you nestle into your full hookup RV site. Visit our reservation page or call 800-786-1016 to make your Savannah RV Park trip reservation.