River’s End Campground and 2017 RV Trends

More than a third of 2017 has passed us but there are still some exciting RV trends on the horizon this year. Part of the reason for this is that outdoor recreation has hit a boom period. In fact, it hasn’t been this popular since the early 2000s. Below are some trends you RV friends of River’s End Campground might have noticed in your travels.

Not Just Snowbirds Anymore!
The RV lifestyle is not just for retired snowbirds. Many young adults in their 20s and 30s are attracted to RV camping. Simple living in an environmentally friendly way fits perfectly with the RV way (not to mention, the cheaper gas prices!)

RV Tech
Many Americans love tech, gadgets and their smartphones. RV technology is becoming more advanced to keep up with this. Some newer RVs are equipped with a smart home system allowing a touchscreen to control the RV environment. Camping apps, WiFi, GPS systems and online booking systems for RV parks are a big part of that trend.

Camping Gear
hammock-campingMountable cameras, taking your drone camping with you and hammock upgrades including inflatable and superlight models are emerging as must-have gear. Even footwear is making a resurgence with low cut, lightweight trail boots designed for all day comfort.

RV Models
In addition to green RVs, the vehicles are becoming smaller with a sleeker look, more fuel efficiency and better interior design. RV sales have been trending up over the past few years as the RV experience continues to improve.

About River’s End Campground

As part of the RV lifestyle, you know where to go this summer… River’s End Campground! Reserve a full hookup RV site, a primitive campsite or a rustic cabin at our green RV park by visiting our reservation page at https://www.riversendcampground.com/reservations/ or by calling 800-786-1016.