The Birds of Tybee Island

River’s End Campground in Tybee Island is near some great birding and nature trails sure to interest any nature lover or even non-nature lover for that matter. If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the colorful painted bunting, a favorite of birders everywhere!


Coastal Marshes

Georgia boasts close to 5,000 acres of coastal marshes. They are all around the state including right here on the barrier island of Tybee Island. All of the coastal salt marshes teem with wildlife and interesting plants.


As a birdwatcher’s paradise, Tybee Island is home or a migratory stop for egrets and herons, white ibis and the endangered woodstork. These and other species are best spotted from the roads that cross the marsh, on McQueen’s Island and even from one of the several Tybee restaurants that overlook the marsh.

Seabirds and shorebirds are best viewed from the north beach birding trail. These species include the black skimmer, the oyster catcher, the purple sandpiper, willet, black-bellied plovers, sanderlings, dunlins, willets and knots.

In the winter, at the mouth of the river, you can see loons, pelicans, ruddy ducks, pelicans and cormorants.

The Painted Bunting

This colorful sparrow like species is a summer resident and lays claim as the official bird of the City of Tybee Island. It rustles around dense thickets of native shrubs. This striking bird can also be found at the Sally Pearce Nature Trail on Highway 80 at 5th Avenue. Good luck spotting one!

About River’s End Campground

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