A small park making big strides to reduce energy/utility costs, and lessen the impact of operations to the community & the Earth

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River’s End Campground & RV Park received the national 2012 ARVC Plan-It-Green small/medium Park Award

River’s End Campground & RV Park’s commitment to Plan‐It Green Friendly Park practices is integrated with the City of Tybee Island, GA “Green Team”. The Green Team is an employee-comprised committee focused on moving the city in a more sustainable and renewable direction in all aspects of city operations. Each year, the implementation of many new procedures and practices are adopted to successfully reach these goals. The framework for this initiative is established by modules provided by the Green Seal organization as each year brings the implementation of a new “module” in a specific area of conservation.

In 2009, the Green Team focused on city-wide Green Seal Certification. In 2010, the focus was water reduction. The replacement of all wasteful toilets, spigots, faucets, and the adjustment of watering practices was a priority. Region appropriate plants were planted and xeriscape principles were adopted. Irrigation duration/frequency was reduced, and night watering implemented to sustain maximum benefit of the water used. In addition, the use of county-composted mulch created by citizen landscape debris has assisted with enhanced landscaping in retaining water for a more beneficial result with less water used.

In 2011, electrical usage was addressed by working with local Georgia Power Representatives, and usage monitored in order to reach a 5% reduction in one year. The replacement of bulbs with the highest standard of energy star rated available was a priority. At this point, 90% of all bulbs are either CFL or LED light bulbs and approximately 40% of fixtures are energy efficient fixtures. An SOP has also been created regarding the purchase of compliant products, at time of need.

In 2012, two modules were adopted: Paper Waste Reduction & ECO safe chemical implementation. Staples and the Sustainable Earth Line of products was the selected vendor that facilitated sustainable operations and reduced costs by 6%-8%. One aspect for this selection was Staples’ commitment to green from production to end use guideline. The production of the product is sustainable or eco-safe, and is delivered using bio-diesel fuel in their over-the-road trucks and hybrid or electric delivery vehicles. The campground has implemented an email confirmation procedure in the hopes of reducing unnecessary printing and is actively pursuing a paperless operations format in order to eliminate printing of daily availability, arrivals, and departure sheets from reservation software. This will save 500 sheets of paper each month by using a tablet, digital monitors, and an app that will eliminate this waste.

Finally, the use of hard capes that lessen the strain on our region’s water table is also a priority. The Campground is comprised of 95% pervious materials, including pervious pavers in areas that would traditionally require concrete or asphalt.

River’s End Campground & RV Park remains dedicated to our ‘Green Team’ mission statement:

“to encourage a sustainable working environment, and improve the efficiencies of our offices and buildings by operating more sustainably throughout the Tybee Island City Government; thereby being responsible leaders doing our part in ensuring the earth’s natural resources are available for generations to come”