Electric Vehicle Charging Information


          River’s End Campground & RV Park’s commitment to Plan‐It Green Friendly Park practices show that we are invested in the sustainability of Tybee Island.  We are continuing our forward facing vision with consideration to electric vehicles.



Unfortunately, our electric infrastructure on RV sites is not set up for EV charging.  It is important to understand that the constant amperage required to feed EV batteries is vastly different than the energy draw of RVs.  Our electric pedestals were designed for non-continuous loads for RVs and cannot support Electric Vehicle Charging.  Utilizing the campsite pedestal for EV charging could cause irreparable damage to your EV or damage to the campground infrastructure.  As a result EV charging is prohibited at individual campsites.

As a solution we have two NEMA 14-50P 50 amp outlets available in the office parking lot for EV charging available on a first come first serve basis to our overnight guests.  We have a Level 2 Portable 15/25/40 Amp adjustable EV Charger available to rent for $20 per night.  A SAEJ1772 to Tesla adapter is included.


A Charge point Level 3 station is located ½ mile from the campground at 31 Meddin Dr, Tybee Island, GA 31328.  Charging Fees and Parking Fees are required.